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Are you intimidated by the prospect of planning a class reunion?  Here are some hints to keep in mind if you are not sure where to start.  These suggestions will apply to family or military reunions as well as large corporate events and even weddings.  (Although you would be better prepared for a wedding with our Wedding Planner found here!)

#1        Budget
You need to decide what you are willing to spend for your event. Be realistic! Having an idea of your budget range will help you automatically lean towards the services and goods that you can actually afford. Event costs can easily skyrocket in a heartbeat, especially if you get caught up in the moment and start adding on items you didn’t budget for. Have a fixed budget and stick to it.  You can download a copy of our Budget Form here!

#2        Start Planning as Soon as Possible.
Chances are if you think you are starting to plan too early for a large event, you’re probably starting at the right time. Event venues and vendors can get booked up months ahead of time, sometimes even years! It’s better to play things safe to start your planning sooner rather than later. You’ll have more time do some comparison shopping including visiting venues and talking with vendors, as well as have a better shot at getting your choice of venue and vendors on the day and time you want.  We are pleased to provide you with a basic timeline for planning a large event here!

#3        Read and Understand the Fine Print in Contracts and Agreements.
You are spending way too much money on a single day to let a little laziness create a potentially difficult or costly situation for you. Carefully read and understand the fine print in all of your contracts and working agreements before you sign. If you are unsure of what something means, ask! There’s no shame in asking questions: you are the one plunking down a lot of money for your event, so you better know what you are getting yourself into. Signing a contract and/or agreement blindly is asking for trouble.

#4        Don’t Make Assumptions.
While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a large event, be extra careful to keep a level head and to not make assumptions about any information that you come across.  Keep an open mind, ask questions and don’t make any assumptions.


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