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Celebrate 2016 with a Personalized Gift for a Loved One!

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ozzie clock2.jpgPersonalized


Send us a picture of your pets, children, or business logo. We will create this just for you!

Clocks come in white, black, red, or blue


$15.00 + $5 S&H



Personalized Cupcake Toppers

$5.00/dozen + $1 S&H

Commemorate a special event with a name and picture
of a loved one or special graphic and date on each
of the cupcakes!!

BOSS Books!

Personalized Organizational Books

Recipe Book
The perfect place to record all those special family recipes as well as the recipes to try someday that are written on all those tiny pieces of paper in your junk drawer!  Separate sections for Appetizers, Salads and Veggies, Breakfast, Soups and Stews, Main Dishes, Desserts and Miscellaneous.  Each section is printed on pastel paper, has its own index page and has room for thirty recipes. Wipe clean covers. And there is a special section with weights and measures, emergency substitutions and other hints! 8.5 x 11"

$25 plus $5 shipping and handling


2016-2017 Calendar Planner

One month spans two 8.5 x 11 pages which gives you a lot of space to write your appointments and special events! Personalized cover to reflect your personality or your business logo!

$10.00 plus $2 shipping and handling


Wedding Planner
Never miss a detail for your special day!  Planner includes a long-range timetable, division of responsibilities, and tracks everything else so you don’t forget anything:  guest list with responses, ceremony details, reception details, bride and groom ensembles, wedding party ensembles, church details, flowers, printed products, photographer, videographer, entertainment/DJ, wedding cake, honeymoon plans, and wedding budget.  Also includes large, heavy-duty envelopes to hold contracts, receipts and memorabilia.

Financial Planner
Plan your time and money wisely!  Twelve large envelopes for monthly organization of income and expenses and budget.  Envelopes can hold receipts, bills due, etc. and always ready to grab and go to your accountant.

Greeting Card Organizer
“Family and Friends are the Flowers in our
Garden of Life” Twelve large envelopes for organization of birthdays, anniversaries and other special events.  Address your cards in advance and keep in the monthly envelopes til needed.  Includes a zodiac, birthstone, flower and anniversary gift chart.

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